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Since its enactment by Congress in 1997, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program has been integral to the creation of jobs by giving employers a tax credit when they hire qualified individuals who consistently face significant barriers to employment.

This Federal tax credit incentive program enables the new employees to gradually move from economic dependency into self-sufficiency as they earn a steady income and become contributing taxpayers, while participating employers are compensated by reducing their federal income tax liability.

The Georgia WOTC Online System is used by private sector businesses ("Employers") and companies who may act as the employer‘s agent ("Consultants"). The GA WOTC Online System allows these employers and their consultants to enter tax credit applications (and submit the applications, for legal forms holders), track the status of submitted applications, print letters and certifications, and view applicable powers of attorney (POA).

How to Get Started
Browser Requirements:
Please read this list before you begin using the Georgia WOTC Online System.

  • Internet Explorer, Version 11 is the recommended browser and version.
  • Disable the Internet Explorer Pop-Up Blocker and any pop-up blocker plug-ins.
  • Cookies should be enabled.
  • JavaScript should be enabled.

Account Access:
To obtain access to the Georgia WOTC Online System, you must first request an account. When your Account Request is accepted, the options available to you are based on your account type:

  • Employer
    • Application Entry (enter tax credit applications)
    • Case Search (find employee case records)
    • POA Search (view the POA status between the Employer and a Consultant, if applicable)
    • Print Capability (print certificates and denial letters)
  • Consultant
    • Application Entry (enter tax credit applications)
    • Bulk Applications (allows the transmission of multiple applications)
    • Case Search (find employee case records)
    • POA Search (view the POA status between Employers and the Consultant)
    • Print Capability (print certificates and denial letters)

View the Tutorials
Tutorials assist you in becoming oriented to the various functions available in the GA WOTC Online System.

  • The Login Tutorial (below the User Name and Password fields) shows you how to Request an Account and Login.
  • Once your account is approved, My Tutorial menu assists you with tasks specific to your account type.

More information about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit can be found on the US Department of Labor's WOTC Homepage.

For detailed information about Georgia's WOTC Program, contact us by calling 404-232-3699, emailing the GA WOTC Unit or visit Georgia Department of Labor's Tax Credits and Incentives Page.

Notice to All Users

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